The Maldives woos wealthy Centurion cardholders

MALE, The Maldives, 2 December 2021: The Maldives has launched a campaign with American Express targeting affluent travellers from Germany and Austria, according to Visit Maldives, the country’s tourism marketing agency.

The campaign teams up with American Express’s Travel Impressions, targeting affluent travellers starting with distributing information on the country’s luxury travel options circulated to 4,500 American Express Centurion cardholders in Germany and Austria.

Travel Impressions is the vacations collection brand for American Express. They are exclusively contracted for American Express to reach premium Card Members, receiving top-tier benefits. The brand’s product directory is uploaded on American Express websites and in American Express Smart Phone Apps.

Centurion cardholders are the highest spenders for the credit card firm. Becoming and the Maldives is one of the Centurion card holders’ top travel destinations.

So far this year Visit Maldives has held several activities for this market, including a virtual event by Aviareps targeting the German-speaking markets, ITB Berlin Virtual, campaign with Connoisseur Circle, FVW e-learning programme and Bentley Club Magazine campaign.