British Airways ditches Thailand flights

LONDON, 20 December 2021: British Airways has cancelled all of its direct flights to Bangkok until October 2022, according to a report on The Points Guy blog last week.

TPG based its report on emails sent by the airline to passengers who had booked flights to Thailand. The airline omitted to post an announcement on its website, but UK media reported the airline is cancelling more than 2,000 flights up until March 2022.

A check of the airline’s flight bookings page showed a direct flight to Bangkok, Thailand is no longer available with passengers offered a flight to Doha that connects with Oneworld partner Qatar Airways to Bangkok.

There is nothing written in stone on the cancellations caused by a sudden drop in travel demand for flights to Thailand and the broader impact of the Omicron scare as cases run amok in the UK. If demand returns, the airline might reinstate some direct flights to Bangkok for the summer timetable (April to October) to cater to peak season tourist traffic to the UK and student travel in September.  But as it stands now, British Airways’ direct flights to Bangkok, Thailand are grounded until October 2022.

Passengers impacted by the sudden cancellation of flights to Bangkok can apply for a voucher if they are booked to travel before 31 August 2022. Vouchers are valid until 30 September 2023.


  1. Flight voucher with B.A is not worth the paper it’s printed on. i booked my flights to Thailand premium economy which were cancelled last minute at a cost of £817.00 each and was given an eVoucher for that amount. I then rescheduled with Qatar Airways , ticket price £455 each for economy as they do not have premium economy and British Airways will not give me an another eVoucher for the shortfall in the difference in the price of the tickets even though the eVoucher states they will so i am now in the process of taking them to a small claims court.
    Get a refund not a eVoucher and better still steer clear of British Airways there customer service is absolutely dire just look at the reviews

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