MADRID, 5 November 2021: The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has named Spain the ‘Safest Destination in all Europe.

Taking the Covid-19 pandemic into account, ECDC has released figures that show most of the regions in Spain are safe.

The following regions have been tagged as “Green” in Spain:

  •  Galicia
  •  Asturias
  •  Cantabria
  •  Basque Country
  •  La Rioja
  •  Castile and Leon
  •  Extremadura
  •  Andalusia

Other regions in Spain are tagged “Orange” for now and are still considered safe for travel as the number of infections remains very low.

Since 7 June, Spain has already welcomed vaccinated tourists regardless of the country of origin. The improvement of the epidemiological situation in Spain and the developing progress in the vaccination roll-out made it possible to ease the measures for entry into Spain for tourists while still maintaining a good job in containing the Covid-19 situation with its safety measures and regulations.                                     

For the most updated travel safe information on visiting Spain, please visit: 

**Spain ́s list of high-risk countries /areas, as well as the criteria used to define them, are reviewed every seven days. Updates in this list will be posted here.