KUCHING, 11 November 2021: Sarawak Tourism Board launched this week its very first photography and videography competition to celebrate the power of art and creativity in showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of Sarawak.

Themed, ‘Sarawak, a Journey Awaits’, the competition is open to all Malaysians nationwide beginning today until 30 November 2021. All materials submitted must be recent, no more than three years old. All entries must capture Sarawak’s culture, adventure, nature, food and festival (CANFF) and be accompanied by a short description or caption.

Sarawak Tourism Board chief executive officer Puan Sharzede Datu Haji Salleh Askor said: “Artistic platforms such as photography and videography remind us how connected we all are on this planet, and allows us to engage with Malaysians from all walks of life, in a creative manner.

“For the past year, much of our time has been apart. In this time, Sarawak has continued to thrive and remains one of the most distinctive destinations in Malaysia. We encourage Malaysians to take this opportunity to share their personal perspectives of Sarawak, especially in highlighting the vibrancy and authenticity of the state.”

\“We look forward to discovering Malaysians’ take on Sarawak’s culture, adventure, nature, food and festivals, and urge them to grab their cameras and showcase the state in all its multifaceted splendour!”

The judging mechanism will be decided by a panel of handpicked judges. Each participant can submit up to five photographs per category, and all winning materials are authorised under the copyright of Sarawak Tourism Board, with credit given to the photographer/videographer where applicable.

Winners of the photography and videography competition will be announced on Sarawak Tourist Board and Sarawak Photo Art Society’s Facebook and website https://stb.foto.org.my/ or www.spas.com.my/. A prize-giving ceremony will be organised in due course.

Photograph/Video Requirements

  1. Submitted photographs should be in jpg format 8”x12” x 300dpi and without watermarks.
  2. The video entries should have a maximum duration of three minutes in mp4 format of 4K resolution 16:9 format using a drone or other videography equipment such as handphones.
  3. All submissions can be uploaded to the website*
  4. All submissions must be compliant with the Rules and Regulations of the competition. An entry that does not follow the terms and conditions will be disqualified.
  5. Photos/Videos submitted will become the property of the organiser.




Grand prize winner – RM5,000


5 x first prize – RM3,000

5 x second prize – RM2,000

5 x third prize – RM1,000

50 x consolation prize – RM100

1 x special student award – RM2,000

First prize – RM10,000

Second prize – RM8,000

Third prize – RM6,000

Special student award – RM2,000

*For more information on the contest, visit: https://stb.foto.org.my/