CEB aircrews fully vaccinated

SINGAPORE, 1 November 2021: The Philippines’ largest airline, Cebu Pacific, has attained a 100% vaccination rate for its active flying crew through its very own employee vaccination programme, Covid Protect, and various partnerships with LGUs in the country. 

CEB celebrates this milestone as scheduled and in time for the expected increase in passengers in the coming months, following the easing of travel restrictions across the Philippines.

“We are very pleased to share this news with everyone as we prepare to ramp up our domestic network to cater to the pent-up travel demand. CEB continues to boost its safety protocols, and we know having a fully vaccinated crew will strengthen the trust and confidence of the public in air travel,” said  Cebu Pacific vice president for people department, Felix Lopez.

The Covid Protect programme is part of the Gokongwei Group’s initiative for all its business units. Through this, CEB employees received free inoculation for themselves and their dependents, as well as third-party workers, such as check-in agents and bag handlers.

Apart from this conglomerate-led programme, CEB also worked with various local government units these past months to ensure its employees will be inoculated with whatever vaccine is available at the earliest time possible. 

“We commend our pilots and crew for voluntarily getting vaccinated, not only to protect themselves and their families but even the passengers they fly with. We also express our gratitude to our leaders at the Gokongwei Group for spearheading the vaccination program, and of course, our government partners for recognizing the transport sector as a priority group,” said Cebu Pacific vice president for flight operations, Sam Avila.

Cebu Pacific’s entire workforce is now 98% fully vaccinated. As the first airline partner of the Ingat-Angat initiative and as a major supporter in nation-building, CEB has been actively transporting vaccines from abroad to the Philippines and across the country since March this year. To date, the airline has safely airlifted 16.5 million vaccine doses from China to the Philippines and close to 25 million vaccine doses across 28 domestic destinations.

CEB operates a domestic network in the Philippines, covering 32 destinations, on top of its eight international destinations.