Malaysia could reopen in December

KUALA LUMPUR 5 October 2021: Once Malaysia hits the 90% mark for vaccinated residents, the country will reopen interstate travel, and Malaysians will no longer need to apply for the MyTravelPass scheme to travel overseas.

The country’s Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob made that promise during a media briefing with local newspapers and TC channels at the weekend.

Asked for clarity on the possible date, the PM hinted the reopening of travel both domestic and overseas could take place in December.

“I believe the time for interstate travel is getting close, and I will immediately announce the resumption of interstate travel when the vaccination rate (for the adult population) reaches 90 per cent,” the PM was quoted by Channel News Asia.

In addition to opening interstate travel when vaccinations pass, the 90% milestone rules governing travel overseas will ease, including gaining permission from immigration authorities via the MyTravelPass scheme.

At the weekend, health authorities confirmed slightly more than 87% of the adult population are doubled jabbed.

(Source: CNA)


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