Bali airport ready to welcome visitors

BALI 13 October  2021: Bali’s Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport conducted a trial run to ensure its readiness to open for international flights on 14 October.

The trial run simulated an incoming flight from Incheon Airport (Garuda Indonesia GA 871 carrying 90 passengers) who went through all the stages that international travellers will encounter in the airport’s Arrivals Area.

Simulation stages tested

1. Check body temperature after disembarking the aircraft.
2. Examination of health documents.
3. RT-PCR test sampling.
4. Checking immigration documents.
5. Baggage collection.
6. Customs inspection.
7. Waiting for the results of the RT-PCR test.
8. Final check for transportation and accommodation.
9. Passengers go to the pick-up area to continue the journey to the quarantine hotel.

An airport official commented: “In accordance with the government’s plan to open international flights at the airport, we simulated the process on arrival… so that everything can run smoothly”.

International passengers will need to undergo an RT-PCR test and remain in the holding areas while waiting for the results before starting the mandatory five-day quarantine.

Travellers must also show proof that they are fully vaccinated to enter Bali. They need to provide evidence of a paid quarantine hotel booking and show two negative Covid test results, one prior to boarding the flight and the other after testing on arrival at Bali’s airport.

Initially, Bali will open to international travellers from China, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. However, the Bali Tourism Board Association said the island would miss out on the source countries that deliver high numbers and robust tourism revenue returns.

The association wants more countries added to the list, such as the UK, Switzerland, France, Israel, Netherland and Germany.

Airport timetable information shows Bali is now served by most of the country’s domestic airlines, except AirAsia Indonesia that announced it intends to start flying 14 October from Jakarta.

Daily domestic flights to Bali offered by Lion Air, Citilink, Batik Air and Garuda Indonesia are already flying domestic visitors to the holiday island. As of 10 October, the airport handled 88 daily domestic flights. 

Details are sketchy on the airlines planning to resume direct international flights to Bali. Early adopters could be charter operators from China, South Korea and Japan, possibly in November, but so far, no advance news on international airlines flying to Denpasar on 14 October.

Bali’s provincial government confirmed in a news report in the Bali Sun on Monday that several national and international events would reconvene on the island during the fourth quarter of this year, including a  G-20 conference and sporting events such as the Badminton World Championships.