STB forums reimagine tourism

SINGAPORE, 14 September 2021: The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) launched SingapoReimagine Global Conversations, last week, a new forum series that puts industry game-changers on the global stage.

Featuring speakers across different sectors, disciplines and locations, the series outlines new travel experiences and business models that demonstrate how the travel industry has innovated and adapted for the future.

STB Chief Executive  Keith Tan said: “The needs and expectations of travellers are changing significantly. As borders gradually reopen around the world, the tourism industry must work together to innovate, develop solutions and reimagine what the new travel experience can and should be. With SingapoReimagine Global Conversations, we hope to provide a platform for such innovation and a voice for leaders in the tourism sector and beyond.”

SingapoReimagine Global Conversations is a key part of STB’s SingapoReimagine initiative, which was launched last year to affirm the destination’s commitment to shaping a new standard for travel through safety, technology, experiences and sustainability.

The series comprises three key forums with overseas adaptations. The first forum – titled “Reimagine Experiences” that launched last week, is available on-demand in four video episodes released weekly on STB’s website and YouTube channel. The episodes will tap into the top minds in tourism and lifestyle through a rich blend of interviews, rapid-fire questions, and data insights to inspire new collaborations and ideas. The next episode is scheduled for this Wednesday, 15 September, followed by episodes three and four on the 22 and 29 September.

The other two forums, which will focus on the themes of travel journeys as well as sustainability and wellness, will be introduced later this year and during the first half of 2022.

To catch all episodes of SingapoReimagine Global Conversations, visit


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