Hong Kong bans Turkish and PAL flights

HONG KONG, 1 September 2021: Hong Kong has suspended Turkish Airlines and Philippine Airlines flights after arriving passengers tested positive for Covid-19. 

Hong Kong health authorities reported that the two flights that landed on 27 August both had three passengers who tested Covid-19 positive on arrival.   

The Department of Health issued a notice prohibiting the landing of passenger flights from Manila and Istanbul until 11 September 11.

Hong Kong reported 68 cases over the 14 days (15 to 28 August), with one local case from unknown sources, while the rest were imported cases.

The standing advice from the Centre for Health Protection of the Department of Health strongly recommends that residents avoid all non-essential travel outside Hong Kong.

The DoH spokesman stated: “If travel is unavoidable, the CHP highly recommended the public to be fully vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccines before their departure. They should continue to wear surgical masks and maintain strict personal and environmental hygiene at all times. Parents are also urged to avoid taking unvaccinated children travelling.”