DUBAI, UAE, 28 September 2021: Emirates is the first airline to implement the International Air Transport Association’s IATA Travel Pass solution worldwide.

Following successful trials in April on select routes from its Dubai hub, Emirates expanded the IATA Travel Pass pilot to customers on 12 routes in June, and the airline has now signed a contract with IATA to implement the solution across its global network.

Currently available to customers travelling from 50 cities, Emirates will complete the roll-out across all 120 plus destinations by October.

 Emirates’ chief operating officer Adel Al Redha, said: “Emirates continues to invest in technology and solutions, like IATA Travel Pass, so that we can deliver smooth journeys and contactless experiences for our customers while enabling our airport teams to handle document checks efficiently and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

“We are pleased to partner with IATA on the IATA Travel Pass solution from early pilot trials to full implementation, and we will continue to work closely with IATA on enhancements to facilitate even more secure and smoother journeys for travellers.”

IATA senior vice president operations, safety and security, Nick Careen added: “Emirates’ implementation of IATA Travel Pass across its global network cements its role as a key tool in managing the complex myriad of health credentials required for travel. By providing passengers with a one-stop-shop to demystify, manage and process these credentials through a secure automated process, they can arrive at the airport ready-to-fly using automated processes. This will avoid queuing and congestion for document checks – to the benefit of travellers, airlines, airports and governments.”

IATA Travel Pass features

  • Repository of the latest travel requirements: it enables passengers to find accurate information on travel, testing, and vaccine requirements for their journey
  • Registry of testing centres: it enables passengers to access certified COVID-19 testing centres at their departure location which meet the requirements of their destination.
  • Digital documentation: the app allows passengers to manage their travel documentation digitally. From receiving test results and vaccination certificates directly from authorised labs and test centres, to conveniently and securely sharing these documents with authorities and airlines to facilitate travel.

Travellers today can access over 1,500 Covid-19 test labs via the IATA Travel Pass app, and this number continues to grow. EU and UK citizens can register their vaccine certificate on the app, and work is underway to enable a broader range of verified digital travel documents to be linked to, or uploaded to the app.

Travellers can download the app and register themselves by creating their digital identities using their passports. Detailed videos and information on all the features can be found on