TripZilla campaigns for sustainable travel

SINGAPORE, 4 August 2021: TripZilla kickstarts a sustainable travel campaign in preparation for the comeback of tourism it announced earlier this week.

Claiming national borders are starting to reopen, the travel and culture platform intends to push a sustainable travel agenda to help travellers make decisions that reduce the impact on the environment and culture.

“Many travellers and the tourism industry have become more aware of the impact travel has on the community and environment; such as polluted nature spots, deforestation, sites overfatigued by mismanaged foot traffic, wasted energy sources, and continuous dependence on single-use plastic.

“It’s alarming that it had to take a pandemic in order for certain destinations to recover partially. But what happens in the long-term, when travel resumes, and we resort to old ways?”

TripZilla has launched a series on sustainable travel titled ‘Final Call: Sustainable Travel’. The campaign aims to help travellers make the right choices by connecting them with brands and institutions that act as thought leaders in the tourism and leisure sectors.

“This pause in travel has taught us that travelling is a privilege and not an entitlement. As countries roll out aggressive vaccination programmes and the world gets ready to explore again, it is timely for TripZilla to launch this series and do our part to spread awareness for sustainable travel practices,” said TripZilla CEO and founder Winnie Tan.

The series identifies how travellers can reduce environmental impact and their carbon footprint while highlighting ways travellers can help raise livelihoods and the well-being of local communities.