Expedia monitors travel recovery trends

SINGAPORE, 16 August 2021: Expedia has released its second quarterly Travel Recovery Trend Report at the weekend, showing rising international searches for travel focusing on big cities and lengthening search windows as the rollout of vaccination programmes rebuild travel confidence.

Last May, Expedia released its first-ever quarterly Travel Recovery Trend Report to help brands prepare to reconnect and reengage with travellers.

Now the latest Q2 2021 edition shares a snapshot of trends gleaned from Expedia Group’s first-party data and custom research.

Here are the Q2 2021 snapshots. For the deep-dives, download the full report. See link below.

Global searches grow

Monthly global search volumes continued to grow in Q2, increasing more than 70% quarter-over-quarter. The ongoing rollout of Covid-19 vaccines, expanded vaccine eligibility and production, and changes to travel restrictions around the world contributed to consecutive weeks of positive global search volume.

Search windows lengthen

Half of the global searches fell within the 0 to 21 days search window in Q2, but as travel confidence grows, so too does the global search window. Global searches 22 to 90 days out were up nearly 25% quarter-over-quarter, indicating that travellers are starting to plan trips further out.

Positive signs for international travel

Travel shoppers continue to show a preference for domestic travel, but the global growth in searches for international destinations outpaced that for domestic destinations during multiple weeks in Q2. This suggests traveller confidence is increasing, in part due to growing vaccination rates, resulting in increased interest and planning for international travel.

Big cities in the spotlight

During Q2, beach and city destinations, such as Atlanta, Mykonos, Paris, Seoul, and Sydney, made up the top 10 booked destinations in each region of the world. However, it’s cities that are making the big moves into the top 10 lists or up the rankings. The return to big cities is also helping to fuel a rise in global hotel demand.

Renewed Interest in Sustainable Travel

As travellers plan and embark on their next trip, many are taking into account environmentally and socially conscious considerations. Sustainability credentials are more than ever impacting their choice of destination and other travel options.

To download the complete report visit: https://advertising.expedia.com/