Nok Air to file financials end of July

BANGKOK, 2 July 2021: Nok Airways confirmed Wednesday the Stock Exchange of Thailand had posted a trading suspension sign on the airline’s securities effective Friday.

The temporary stop on securities trading will be in place until Nok Air, a listed public company limited, submits required financial statements for 2020. The airline last week notified the stock exchange that it was unable to complete the submission of financial statements by the latest deadline 30 June 2021.

It was supposed to submit the 2020 financial statement for the year closing 31 December 2020, not later than 30 June, but faced delays due to the application of a “new accounting standard on impairment which involved complex computing.”

The airline said it would submit the 2020 financial statement no later than 31 July 2021, according to the notice to SET signed by Nok Air’s chief executive officer Wutthiphum Jurangkool.

Nok Air continues to operate domestic airline services, but due to the Covid-19 near lockdown rules that impacts travel between deep red provinces and the yellow or amber provinces, some flights have been cancelled mainly to secondary cities.