LANGKAWI, 13 July 2021: Langkawi presents its food flavours honing the selection to the nine top signature dishes travellers must try when they can visit Langkawi when travel resumes and Covid-19 restrictions lift.


Bet you’ve never heard of laktud! It’s actually a type of seaweed that is much more chewy and airy, almost like jelly. When you bite it, it’s slightly crunchy and pops in your mouth. Locals would free dive at the mangrove area looking for laktud. It is served raw, like salad, together with sambal kerisik – cilli paste with grated and toasted coconut shreds.

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Kak Yan Nasi Campur


Nasi campur, or mixed rice in Malay, can be easily found across Malaysia. You get rice and add on dishes to your plate like a buffet. But at each location, you get to try signature dishes from the place. One of the most famous nasi campur places in Langkawi is Kak Yan Nasi Campur, located near the airport. Serving over 30 different dishes, you can easily find what suits your taste buds. Get the freshest local seafood, ulam or salad, all prepared in kampung style that will make your travel wholesome!

Hafiz Rojak

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Enjoy the sea view together with rojak and a plate of hot mee rebus! Hafiz Rojak operates on a little food truck located at Pantai Kok. The secret to this delicious rojak is the dressing that coats all the fruits – sweet and tangy. With crunchy ground peanuts, the combination is over-the-top and a big surprise to your palate. They also serve Mee Rebus (egg noodles in sour, spicy and gluey gravy) andPasembur(a salad of fritters drizzled with peanut sauce). Consider getting your cravings for Northern Malaysian food fixed here.

Wonderland Food Store

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If you are a seafood lover, then you must not miss Wonderland Food Store at Kuah town. The restaurant serves freshly prepared seafood which tastes just like you are munching them underwater! You can order from a plethora of cooking styles for each of the seafood you order, be it fried soft shelled crabs, salted egg squids or grilled prawns, they have it all. The price is also affordable so that you can go home with a satisfied stomach and wallet.

Nasi Dagang Pak Malau


Even though nasi dagang does not originate from Langkawi, you will appreciate this dining experience in the paddy field overlooking Gunung Raya – the tallest mountain on Langkawi. What sets this rice and curry combination apart is the rice that smells really fragrant from the onion, ginger and halba (a type of spice). This rice goes really well with fish curry, mutton kurma (mutton marinated in yogurt and spices) and beef rendang (braised beef in coconut milk and spices gravy). Also served at the side is some pickled vegetables that give a refreshing bite to your meal. Go earlier in the day to enjoy the best view when it is not too hot.

Laksa Kaw Ikan Sekoq

While there are a few different varieties of laksa in Malaysia, Langkawi laksa (sour spicy rice noodles) is one that you don’t want to miss. Laksa Kaw Ikan Sekoq, as the name implies, serves laksa with one mackerel fish to add more flavour to the fish broth. This sour and spicy fish broth is one appetising dish that you would want to order more. You can also get squid instead of mackerel. To finish up, get a bowl of icy cendol pulut(green rice flour jelly with sweet glutinous rice) to refresh your taste buds.

Kerabu Bronok

Wrapping up this list is a dish you can get nowhere else but Langkawi – kerabubronok. Bronok is a type of sea cucumber. It has a smooth texture like squid, yet it’s more chewy and salty. It melts apart when cooked, so bronok needs to be served raw. Making it into kerabu is the best way to enhance the flavour and add a more spicy kick to the dish. The kerabumixture is made from sambal kerisik, onions, chilli, cashew leaves and more shredded coconut. While it can be daunting to try, you will love it once you put it in your mouth. Remember, this is unique in Langkawi and Langkawi only, make sure you try it out!

Check out a micro-documentary about bronok.

Sup Gamat – Sea Cucumber Soup


Sup Gamat or Sea Cucumber Soup is also one of the unique and exotic foods in Langkawi. By dicing sea cucumbers and boiling with a lot of herbs, this soup provides you with extra oomph and nutrients. A tonic that you should go for after a long trip of travelling! Get a taste of this soup from Restoran Siti Fatimah at Taman Sentosa. This delicacy is popular among the Malay community here in Langkawi. Sea cucumber has long been used in traditional medicine as it is highly nutritious and is useful for the healing process of wounds.

Halim GP Airport GulaiPanas

Gulai is actually curry with coconut milk. Compared to usual curry, using coconut milk to thicken the gravy gives gulaia unique depth of flavour. GulaiPanas is spicy and hot curry. Situated near the airport, Halim GP Airport restaurant is your go-to place for some kick in the tongue. You get to choose whichever ingredients you want and have it served in GulaiPanasstyle. The ingredients range from various types of fish, squid, shrimp and chicken. You can also pair it with ulamor salad to freshen your taste buds.

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