Europe ahead in building hotels

SINGAPORE, 22 July 2021: At the end of Q2 2021, Europe remained the only region with a year-over-year increase in hotel rooms in construction, according to June pipeline data from STR.

June 2021 (% changes in comparison with June 2020)


In Construction: 237,304 rooms (+7.9%)
Final Planning: 177,165 rooms (+13.0%)
Planning: 147,712 rooms (-6.4%)
Germany (49,027) and the UK (36,444) lead Europe in total rooms in construction.

Asia Pacific

In Construction: 476,302 rooms (-2.8%)
Final Planning: 181,453 rooms (+8.8%)
Planning: 271,268 rooms (+13.6%)
Among countries in the region, China has the most rooms in construction (290,619), followed by Vietnam (31,732).

Middle East & Africa

In Construction: 135,740 rooms (-3.6%)
Final Planning: 45,313 rooms (-9.0%)
Planning: 57,953 rooms (-13.8%)
Saudi Arabia (39,362) and United Arab Emirates (37,954) lead in construction activity. 


In Construction: 243,395 rooms (-11.2%)
Final Planning: 243,809 rooms (-19.8%)
Planning: 297,929 rooms (+25.9%)
The US holds the majority of rooms in construction in the region. In addition to the US, Mexico (13,721) and Canada (9,325) have the highest number of rooms in construction in the region.

(Source: STR)


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