DTG names new Singapore GM

SINGAPORE, 21 July 2020: Diethelm Travel Group announced Tuesday the appointment of  Shiyi Tay as Diethelm Travel Singapore’s new general manager.

With more than 15 years working in Singapore’s tourism and hospitality industry, Tay has a proven track record and brings a wealth of experience to the role, ranging from her early days directly interacting with travellers by handling bespoke travel arrangements to becoming an expert in travel business technologies.

Tay most recently served as business planning manager at Tour East Group Headquarters. Prior to that, Tay was the company’s business system manager in charge of API-related matters and system upgrades.

Tay will take over management duties from Judy Lum, who is retiring after nearly three decades in the industry and four years serving as Diethelm Travel Singapore’s general manager.

Yvonne Wong, who has been Diethelm Travel Singapore’s business consultant, will also be retiring at the same time. 

“As a highly intriguing, culture-rich nation, Singapore holds a unique place in Asia’s tour offerings, and I look forward to having someone as highly experienced and well-connected as Shiyi to be the next general manager to lead our Singapore services into a new travel era,” said Stephan Roemer, Diethelm Travel Group CEO. “While we will certainly miss Judy and Yvonne’s skilled guidance, I am confident that Shiyi will be an excellent addition to our dedicated team and help create a wealth of singular new experiences for our agents and guests as Singapore travel evolves following the pandemic.”