Anyone wants to buy an A380

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 July 2021: Malaysia Airlines turned to the social media channel LinkedIn earlier this week to announce it is selling six Airbus 380-800 aircraft.

The open for tender notice by MAB Pesawat Sdn Bhd (MABP) invites  interested buyers to send their proposals for the purchase of six A380 aircraft and components to email

[email protected]  cc [email protected]

The deadline for presenting an offer runs out at noon Malaysia time on 12 August.

It is probably the first time that the superjumbo A380 has appeared on social media as an item for sale.

Back in May, the airline announced it intended to retire the aircraft as part of a restructuring process. Reuters quoted the airline’s chief executive Izham Ismail saying the company was “mindful of the challenges of selling the A380s and was looking at ways and means of disposing of them…At the moment, the management is convinced the A380 doesn’t fit the plan.”

Airbus will end production of the A380, with the final two aircraft expected to be delivered to the Dubai-based Emirates in 2022.