KUCHING, 1 June 2021: The beauty of Sarawak’s natural scenery is hard to put into words; to truly appreciate it, you need to experience it in person.

Take a big step towards Sarawak’s Borneo in Malaysia, where mysterious rainforests, various kinds of wild animals, and a marvellous underwater world awaits you. Take a closer look at our five journey themes that will unlock the magnificent holiday experiences served up in Sarawak. There is no better time than now to start planning for when travel reopens.

Journey 1: Birdwatching in Sarawak
Sarawak has one of the world’s largest rainforest ecology. It breeds many kinds of creatures; birds are one of them. It turns out that Sarawak has a nickname — “The land of hornbills”, a bird characterized with a red crown on its head and known as the “Birds of the gods” in Sarawak.

Journey 2: Jungle Walking
Could it be that what you look forward to most when you come to Sarawak is walking through the mysterious rainforest? You will find crystal clear rock pools, the biggest flower in the world, the Rafflesia, and all kinds of exotic rare flora and fauna as you take a stroll.

Journey 3: Mountaineering trip
In Sarawak, whether you are taking an easy, cool and comfortable stroll through the lowland rainforest or climbing the more challenging hilly mountains, the magnificent views are extraordinary and rewarding.

Journey 4: Diving and snorkelling
Sarawak is a great diving and snorkelling destination. The underwater world is full of distinctive blue corals, colourful seaweed, vibrant and peculiar fishes.

Journey 5: Exploring the caves
With a torchlight beaming into the dimness of an unknown journey ahead, as you wind through the narrow seams in the dark cave ̶ the mystery and curiosity conjure imageries of Indiana Jones.

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