Indonesia opens harbours to yachts

DENPASAR, Bali, 19 April 2021: Indonesia is now allowing yachts to berth in Bali following the easing of business visa rules.

Visas are now open to all nationalities, as long as they fit the recent revisions in rules for business travel that are also open for application from yachts and their crews.

“Port quarantine restrictions vary widely from port to port and are still in flux”, explains Asia Pacific Superyachts’ director Captain Thomas Taatjes.

“Yachts and their crew can enter with these visas, and crew can also fly in. The maximum quarantine is five nights onboard for yachts arriving and five nights at a hotel for fly-in crew joining the vessel”.

Officials on the island of Bali say Indonesia is opening once more and this is viewed as good news for yachts, superyachts and charters waiting to visit the once popular destination.

Taatjes says it is now “straight forward and relatively easy to enter, especially when compared to other Asian countries”.