Hong Kong bans high-risk flights

HONG KONG, 22 April 2021: Hong Kong banned flights from India, Pakistan and the Philippines on Tuesday for at least two weeks after the more contagious N501Y mutant Covid-19 strain was identified locally last Sunday

Hong Kong’s government said flights from the three countries represented an extremely high risk.

Hong Kong authorities have been urging residents to get vaccinated for Covid-19, with only around 9% of Hong Kong’s 7.5 million residents vaccinated so far, according to a Reuters report.

Airlines impacted by Hong Kong’s ban on travellers from India, Pakistan and the Philippines include carriers such as Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines, Vistara and Cebu Pacific.

Meanwhile, an earlier ban on  Scoot flights departing from Singapore will expire on 29 April. The ban followed two passengers on a Scoot flight who arrived in  Hong Kong on 11 April and tested positive for Covid-19.