Vietnam’s tourism door firmly shut

HANOI, 2 February 2021: Vietnam estimates international visitor arrivals during January totalled 17,736 down by 99.1% when compared with the same month last year.

However, based on last December 2020, arrivals picked up by 9% in January according to figures released by the government’s statistics office. Airline arrivals stood at 11,118 down 99.3%. Arrivals by road reached 6,575, down 97.8%,  By sea, the count was negligible at 43 down 99.9%.

Overall, Vietnam’s overland passenger transport in January 2021 stood at 415.5 million down 16.1% over the same period last year. It represented 17.7 billion passenger-kilometres, down 25.4%. 

Usually, the country’s GSO published detailed breakdowns on monthly tourist arrivals by nationality.  However, since the Covid-19’s first wave, last March, it suspended detailed reporting which has not resumed with the New Year and unlikely to do until the situation improves.

The country’s strict shut down of its borders restricts all but essential travel and government-sponsored visits for official business.


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