Hong Kong tightens aircrew rules

HONG KONG, 9 February 2021: Hong Kong will tighten Covid-19 testing and quarantine rules, requiring aircrews to undergo additional Covid-19 testing and quarantine measures effective 20 February.

Aircrew arriving through Hong Kong International Airport are required to undergo testing before, upon and after arrival and must quarantine at a government hotel for 14 days, followed by seven days of medical observation. Sea crew must also undergo testing and are subject to up to 21 days of quarantine.

Nations across Asia are also tightening health checks during Chinese New Year as concerns grow that that region’s major holiday season will bring with it spikes in Covid-19 infections.

China will tighten security measures that could cause travel disruptions during the Lunar New Year celebrations on 11 to 26 February. The measures will also apply to territories Hong Kong and Macau during the New Year celebrations.

Heightened security measures, localised COVID-19 movement restrictions and increased disruptions to overland, air and maritime travel are expected across China, Hong Kong and Macau.