AOT eases airport credit terms

BANGKOK, 22 January 2021: Airports of Thailand will extend the timeline to pay concession fees and rentals at the six airports under its management for another year.

In a notification to the Stock Exchange filed 20 January the public listed company said it was extending payment terms for concession charges, office rentals and service fees to support airlines impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak.

AOT said concessionaires and airlines are impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak worldwide while a new wave of the Covid-19 in Thailand has reduced domestic air travel and passenger traffic at airports.

New terms 

For monthly instalments February to July 2020, the credit-term extends to 18 months.

For monthly instalments, August to December 2020, 12-months credit applies.

The same payment credit terms will also apply to office and state property rentals, terminal and building service charges, landing and parking charges, and aircraft service fees.