All you need to know about Thai quarantine

BANGKOK, 21 January 2021: With 123 Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) hotels available in Thailand, there are now many more room options starting from lower packaged rates.

Driven by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and public-private partnerships that have produced multiple new websites are now offering more choices at more price points.

Everyone travelling to Thailand (including returning Thai nationals) must undergo quarantine in either ASQ or LSQ accommodation that travellers must book and pay for prior to their travel.

What you need to know

Unless stated otherwise, packages are usually for single accommodation. Pricing typically includes one-way airport transfer, accommodation for 15 nights (16 days), three daily meals (usually delivered pre-packaged), twice-daily temperature checks with a nurse on standby for 24-hour assistance, plus two or three Covid-19 tests.

Covid-19 tests

While rules may vary at individual hotels, they tend to follow a similar timeline. New arrivals will have to stay in their rooms for three to four days until the first Covid-19 test is conducted. If the result is negative, the guest may then be allowed limited access to some hotel facilities for around one hour a day. A second Covid-19 test usually is conducted around Day 12. If the result is still negative, guests will be allowed to carry on with their planned itinerary.

F&B rules

Important things to remember is that alcohol is strictly not allowed. Food delivery services are also banned with snacks usually limited to minibar options. But, many hotels continue to expand food and beverage choices and have made admirable attempts to include healthy food options.

Amazing Thailand Plus

Visitors can purchase flights on Thai Airways International (THAI) and get more value-for-money privileges in Thailand. It offers over 400 packages, inclusive of special fares on international and domestic flights, and rooms at government-accredited ASQ hotels.

Golf on the QT

Golfers looking to tee up golf quarantine in Thailand, and who have all their advance arrangements in good order, will be allowed to undergo quarantine at an ASQ golf course hotel. During the mandatory quarantine period, foreign golfers can enjoy a round of golf and other health-related activities at the course on their expense account.

DIY diversions

For those looking for fun activities, a complimentary ‘Happy DIY Set’ can help break the quarantine monotony, especially for parents travelling with children.

Welcome gifts

TAT, together with the ASQ Thailand Club, have created complimentary welcome gifts as a hands-on way to learn more about Thai handicrafts. There are 4,000 sets in total given to guests on a first-come, first-served basis. They provide information about the individual community, unique arts and crafts, and key attractions linked to the origins of the handicrafts.

Packages and information

TAT has also supported the launch of and (ASQ Paradise). They both offer customised packages. They are also great reference tools for all requirements needed to gain entry into the kingdom. Each acts as a 360-degree pre-entry quarantine service platform and offers world-class information on quarantine standards at ASQ hotels located around Thailand.

Source: TAT newsroom


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