Thailand moots regional alliance

BANGKOK, 3 December 2020: Event experts in Thailand are raising the idea of an Asia Convention Alliance to revive international conventions in Asia.

The initiative is led by the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and Thailand Incentive and Convention Association (TICA) following a brainstorming session on how to kick start recovery in the events business in Asia. Launching a multi-country alliance emerged top of the must-do agenda.

TCEB and TICA proposed that founding members of the alliance should come from  China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Taiwan and the branding theme ‘Asia Convention for Asia’.

The alliance’ objectives will be to restore the region’s convention industry, to strengthen relations between member countries, and to facilitate knowledge exchange.

TCEB and TICA are envisioning a range of potential projects, such as collaboration among Asian convention bureaus to drive the alliance, creating an alliance for Asia’s Professional Conference Organisers (PCO). Ir will also introduce the concept of joint conventions where member countries take turns hosting a convention or create an Asian edition of a global event.

These projects could take the form of an Asian PCO Alliance Roundtable, client-supplier business forums, reciprocal assistance in areas such as marketing and visa facilitation when a convention is rotated between member countries, or travel bubble promotional campaigns.

TCEB senior vice president – business, Nichapa Yoswee said: “The idea for the Asia Convention Alliance is based on our forecast that the Asian market will recover before long-haul markets do. We predict that next year, as convention attendees feel confident enough to venture beyond borders again, they will start with regional destinations. Countries that are deemed safe and well prepared will make the cut. Hence, the time is right to form an Asian alliance that can capitalise on our collective knowledge and capabilities.”

One proposal suggests five conventions could be rotated among the five countries within three years.

TICA president Sumate Sudasna added: “We want to help our members overcome the challenges of 2020 and build themselves up again for the new opportunities that will appear on the horizon. We are ready to share our resources and market expertise with every member of the proposed Asian Convention Alliance. Together, we can give Asia’s convention industry a deserving reboot in 2021.”


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