CLIA releases cruise market report

SINGAPORE 4 December 2020: Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA),  has released its 2019 Asia Cruise Industry Ocean Source Market Report.

The report offers an in-depth look at the growth, demographics and trends of the top source markets in Asia.

“Cruise is still a relatively new product for passengers in this region, and cruise penetration is low in most Asia markets. The limited restart of cruises in Asia – Taiwan and Singapore has received overwhelming interest from consumers – demonstrating the potential for cruises to rebound in the years ahead,” said CLIA Managing Director for Australasia & Asia Joel Katz.

Report highlights

• Asia-sourced cruise passenger numbers dropped 11.8% to 3,738K in 2019, driven mainly by the known decrease in passenger capacity in Asia of 6% against the previous year, 2018. (Capacity was steady in 2018 after years of rapid expansion in this region to 2017). Passenger capacity was expected to see a growth rebound in 2020 with the announced deployment of new ships to Asia, but that has been disrupted by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

• Mainland China continues to dominate in Asia with a 51.6% market share, followed by Taiwan (10.4%) and Singapore (8.7%). India (8.4%) overtook Japan (8.0%) to be the fourth-largest Asian source market.

• The average age of Asian-sourced passengers increased slightly to 46.2 from 45.4 in 2018. Markets like India (37 years old) and Indonesia (40 years old) continue to have a lower average age.

 • The vast majority of Asian passengers cruise in Asia (51% departing from Mainland China, Hong Kong & Taiwan and 42% from the other Asian ports). Of the 7% cruising the rest of the world, Alaska, world and expedition cruises experienced more interest from Asian passengers in 2019.

• Shorter sailings remain the dominant choice of Asians, the average duration of cruises taken by Asian passengers during 2019 saw a minimal decrease to 4.2 days from 4.3 days in 2018.

The 2019 Asia Cruise Industry Ocean Source Market Report is based on the 2019 calendar year passenger statistics provided by CLIA’s ocean Cruise Line members, representing over 95% of the global cruise industry capacity, plus additional data collected from non-CLIA Cruise Lines by CHART Management Consultants.

To view the full 2019 Asia Cruise Industry Ocean Source Market Report and Infographics, please visit:

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