China tightens entry rules

SINGAPORE, 10 November 2020: China is tightening its Covid-19 measures by curtailing entry from countries, particularly in Europe that have seen a spike in infections.

This week, authorities banned the entry of non-Chinese nationals from Italy France, the UK and Russia as well as the Philippines. The ban extends to all non-Chinese even those with valid visas and residence permits issued through 3 November. Diplomatic, service, courtesy and C-visa holders are allowed to enter.

China has also tightened entry restrictions for travellers from Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic from 6 November and Denmark from 7 November. They must submit negative PCR and IgM antibody testing certificates to embassies 48 hours before departure to China.

Meanwhile, Victoria in Australia will now allow travellers from New Zealand to enter the state, effective 9 November, without the need to undergo a 14-day quarantine. They must have spent at least 14-days in a low-Covid-19 risk area to be eligible for the quarantine concession.