Vison-Box teams up with AirAsia

SINGAPORE, 28 October 2020: Vision-Box announced Monday a regional partnership with AirAsia Group, to implement identity management technology across its network of 152 airports.

Vision-Box is considered a leader in automated border management and electronic identity management solutions that improve the security in government services as well as travel and border controls.

AirAsia has engaged Vision-Box to reach the next step in providing a seamless touchless identification and contactless clearance traveller experience.

The Vision-Box’s Orchestra Identity Management Platform will partner with AirAsia’s network to regulate virtual and physical security and data infrastructure in real-time. It will bridge and manage the information flow between traveller processing points, multi-source data streams, and relevant stakeholders.

It involves the delivery of FACES (Fast Airport Clearance Experience System); touchless identification and contactless clearance platform designed for mobile check-in to enhance the guest experience at the airport.

Speaking about the strategic partnership with AirAsia, Vision-Box CEO Miguel Leitmann said: “We believe it will lead to a traveller management model that will drive how passenger identification and clearance is conducted soon.”