Travel firms in the Philippines can reopen

MANILA, 20 October 2020: Travel agencies, tour operators, and reservation services are allowed to operate in areas under general community quarantine (GCQ) effective last weekend.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) issued Memorandum Circular 20-53, 14 October, that re-categorises the specific travel and tourism-related activities from category III to category IV.

The MC expands the operational capacity of travel agencies, tour operators, reservation services, and other related activities in areas under modified GCQ (MGCQ) to 100%.

The DTI reminded travel agencies and tour operators to maintain minimum public health standards when reopening their businesses, the Philippines News Agency reported.

It added that DTI’s Fair Trade Enforcement Bureau and its regional and provincial offices would monitor the compliance of all business activities.

According to a survey of PwC Philippines, 97% of tourism-related businesses said the Covid-19 pandemic has a significant impact on their business operations and is causing great concern. Among the top concerns of these businesses include financial and operational impact, the decline in tourism and consumer confidence.

The tourism sector generated 12.7% of the country’s gross domestic product and accounted for 5.71 million jobs in 2019.

(Source: PNA)


  1. Please open Beautiful Philippines to tourist or Fiances ,whose loved ones are just longing to be together in The Philippines.
    Foreigners travelling to The Philippines will take the nescessary precautions and abide the rules of the government to avoid getting infected or spread this Covid -19. Philippinos are free to travel to other countries and return provided they take the test before they enter Philippines. Foriegners can also take covid test before entering Philippines.
    Think of all filipinos working with foreigner tourist
    Who are now suffering. We can all help them.
    Please Open The Phils Soon.


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