Food waste on PATA plate

BANGKOK, 29 October 2020: You might be wondering why the Pacific Asia Travel Association is campaigning against the horrors of food waste in the hospitality industry?

Admittedly it’s a bit of a stretch for a trade association that doesn’t exactly shine in the lobby or advocacy hallways, but we suppose it needs to show relevance and food waste campaigns are not likely to upset any of its paying members.

If you are interested in webinar viewing as a hobby during Covid-19 times,  the latest edition from ‘PATA is flagged “Food Waste in Hospitality: Misunderstandings and Solutions.”

Free registration is open for the 11 November webinar that gets underway at 1500 ICT/GMT+7.

Promoting the webinar, PATA observes that within the hospitality sector, food waste remains a low priority despite its cost across hotel properties representing close to 15% of food revenue. Why is this the case? Probably because none of us wants to splurge on an expensive hotel stay and forego an extravagant food binge at the buffet table.

PATA’s food waste webinar recruits Benjamin Lephilibert, founder & managing director of LightBlue Environmental Consulting, who will identify the misunderstandings, present technological solutions, and show how to build an impact-oriented corporate strategy to reduce food waste.

The webinar promises to identify the five most common misunderstandings about food waste in the hospitality industry, leading to inaction among hoteliers.
It will also introduce technologies, innovations and scalable solutions to food waste that can be applied to hotel operations.
Case studies presentations on food efficiency in the hospitality sector through scalable and cost-effective methodologies wrap up the webinar.

For more details and registration visit:

Once the food waste has been cleared from the table, what can we expect from PATA down track? Will it lobby all of its government members in the Asia Pacific to adopt more consistent measures on Covid-19 and come out with a strong message on testing to help reboot travel?


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