ASEANTA backs green channels

MANILA, 16 October 2020: ASEANTA, the umbrella trade association for the 10 ASEAN countries calls for the introduction of green corridors within the region to encourage “risk-free travel between major destinations.

Commenting on the proposal in a Facebook post, Thursday, ASEANTA president, Mingkwan Metmowlee (Mink Mimi), said green corridors could be set up between Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and Phuket in South Thailand.

She identified other potential green channels such as Bangkok – Penang and Singapore -Bali.

Her comments led off with a call to standardise Covid-19 screening and quarantine across all 10 nations to simplify procedures for travellers and improve clarity.

“We should have the same rules, especially for quarantine,” she explained. “When tourists enter the first ASEAN country, they should be quarantined and then receive a certificate stamped in their passports that would simplify the process when visiting other ASEAN nations. The traveller would no longer need to be quarantined in each country. It would smooth the ASEAN tourism experience and help economic growth.”

Mingkwan Metmowlee

She presented the association’s feedback and proposals during the  Virtual ASEAN National Tourism Organisations mid-term meeting held 14 October to review the ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan for the period ending 2025.

“As you know that ASEAN is recognised for it high-quality hospitality services, but during the Covid-19 pandemic we need to promote the ASEAN Standard for Safety, Healthy & Security to enable tourists to choose the destinations that provide the highest level of safety.

“ASEANTA supports the development of hygiene and safety measures in the current ASEAN Tourism Standards,” she told the virtual conference.

“Tourism Malaysia will collaborate with ASEANTA to promote the best 30 ASEAN Hygiene & Safety standard experiences, by creating the top three best experiences in each member state for three themes; eco-nature, adventure and wellness,” she explained.

Reviving ASEAN air connectivity will be a priority, but in the long run, the full implementation of the ASEAN Single Aviation Market (ASAM ) continued to be a regional priority.

ASEANTA also called for the creation of an “ASEAN One Digital Platform for travellers and tourists” as a reliable source for consumers and trade.