Vietnam extends visa pardon

HANOI, 14 September 2020: Foreigners who entered Vietnam on or after 1 March will have their temporary stay permits automatically extended until 30 September 30, according to an announcement by the country’s immigration authority earlier this month.

Vietnam has been extending the amnesty one month at a time since June for foreigners stranded in the country.

Under the current extension that will expire 30 September. The amnesty applies to travellers who have e-visas or tourism visas and entered the country on or after 1 March. The extension is automatic and does not require any paperwork or payment of fees.

For travellers who entered the country before 1 March standard regulations remain in place. However, they will be considered for an extension of stay as long as they can prove they are stranded in Vietnam due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

They need to provide certificates issued by their diplomatic mission in Vietnam through an official diplomatic note with a translation in Vietnamese or documents issued by Vietnamese authorities to confirm they were quarantined or treated for Covid-19, among other reasons beyond their control.

The country has also lifted 14-day mandatory quarantine for foreign experts, investors, managers and diplomats entering the country for less than 14 days, according to instructions issued by the Ministry of Health.

However, all entrants must strictly comply with the country’s regulations on Covid-19 prevention and control, including wearing a face mask.

Those who enter Vietnam for diplomatic and official purposes must have international insurance papers or the organisation that invited them must agree to bear all treatment expenses if the person contracts Covid-19 in Vietnam.

Since 1 September 1, incoming travellers must pay for quarantine costs, but those who are joining diplomatic missions are not required to pay fees.


  1. Unfornately I have a spouse visa exemption and I enter on 13 March 2020, yet the officer at Tan Son Nhat airport still refuse to let me onboard as he said Visa Exemption is not eligible and he asked me to pay fine.

    This incident happens on 26-09-2020:

    • Coronavirus update as of 24 September.”Vietnam has automatically extended its free temporary residence until Sept. 30, 2020 for foreigners who have entered Vietnam on tourist visas on or after March 1, 2020. Foreigners in the country during this time must fill out medical declarations online ( and temporary residence declarations with their hotels or landlords.”

      “Vietnam’s Immigration Department has announced that all foreigners who entered Vietnam after March 1 on visa exemptions, e-visas or tourism visas will be given automatic stay extensions at no charge until September 30, 2020.”

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