Vietnam brings citizens home

HANOI, 30 September 2020: Six flights carrying 1,790 Vietnamese citizens from Japan, the US, Russia, Israel, 30 nations in Europe, Africa and Latin America, Australia and New Zealand landed in Vietnam during the week 21 to 27 September 21-27, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Vietnam Government Portal reported that passengers on the flights included children under 18, pregnant women, elderly, workers whose labour contracts had expired, students with no residences due to dormitory shutdown and others facing difficult circumstances.

Photo: VNA/VNS.

Precautious measures were implemented during the flights to prevent transmission of Covid-19. Right after arriving at local airports, all the passengers received check-ups and were sent to quarantine sites in line with current regulations.

From 10 April to 27 September, local agencies coordinated with Vietnam’s representative agencies overseas to launch 141 flights, bringing home about 40,815 Vietnamese citizens stranded abroad.

More repatriation flights will be arranged to bring Vietnamese citizens home, depending on their demand and domestic quarantine capacity.

(Source: VGP)


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