Tour operator switches to domestic

BANGKOK, 25 September 2020: With borders shutting down, and global tourism shuddering to a halt, Smiling Albino, a tour operator based in Thailand, is providing tours for domestic travellers representing a change in policy that will remain even when restrictions ease.

In its latest newsletter, Smiling Albino says it is shifting its focus from the world at large to its “own backyard” that extends to having offices in countries across Southeast Asia.

In Thailand, Smiling Albino says it will focus on showing expatriates crafted tour experiences.

“Whether you’re new to Bangkok, a local or a longtime resident, we’re betting on the fact that there’s a lot you haven’t seen – a whole lot,” says Smiling Albino co-founder and CEO Daniel Fraser. “Often we’re so eager to cross borders that we don’t spend enough time exploring our own backyards, which is what we’re eager to showcase Thailand to expatriates and locals.”

The company offers a combination of “bikes, boats and beer, (yes – you read that right), to tour back alleys of Chinatown, hidden gardens,  street food spots and bike trails through the city and far away from your everyday trails”.

Smiling Albino says it is digging deep to offer family-friendly Tuk Tuk tours along with its popular day canal and river cruises in Bangkok.

Make the most of the closed border and explore Bangkok and beyond with Smiling Albino. For inquiries and bookings: