ASITA fractions squable

DENPASAR, Bali,13 August 2020: A major altercation is now underway between the Bali branch of the Indonesian Association of Travel Agents (ASITA) and the association’s headquarters in Jakarta, according to a Bali Update posted by

In what was described as “Round Two” of the fight, the Bali Board of ASITA has filed a “no confidence” motion against the central leadership of ASITA, alleging that the National Board is illegally constituted and mismanaging the association’s funds.

The Bali chapter of the Indonesian Association of Travel Agents (ASITA-Bali) descended into disarray after a “Palace Coup” following the unseating and replacement of the organisation’s current chairman and general secretary.

As reported by NusaBali, the current board of directors for ASITA-Bali, elected for a term ending in 2021, has now been dismissed by the National ASITA board of directors. Ousted in the move were ASITA-Bali chairman I Ketut Ardana and secretary I Putu Winastra.

ASITA appointed Eddy Sunyoto as ad interim chairman and Ketut Sudiarsa as ad interim secretary.

ASITA claimed the ousted board had damaged the organisation by failing to carry out decisions agreed by the membership of ASITA-Bali.

Sunyoto and Sudiarsa have been given six months to form an organising committee to plan and execute the upcoming extraordinary general meeting.

Meanwhile, the ousted chairman of ASITA-Bali, I Ketut Ardana, says he rejects the suspension of the board and their replacement with ad interim appointees. Ardana said the two letters that dismissed the current chairman and secretary and appointed an interim board violate ASITA’s charter and by-laws.

According to Ardana, the appointment of a caretaker leadership for ASITA-Bali is only permitted if the current leadership resigns or is somehow permanently impeded from completing their term of office.

He said he rejects the two letters issued by the National Board of ASITA and is preparing further steps, including actions available under the law.

The chairman of the Bali Tourism Board, Gus Agung concluded: “In short, we regret that this conflict is happening in Bali’s tourism community that is (already) in a troubled condition.”

The GIPI chairman said such open conflict could only deplete the unity and energy needed to rebuild Bali tourism during the current global pandemic.

“Don’t waste your energy on matters that seem to me are not urgent. Later, when the Covid-19 pandemic is solved, we will have time to deal with such matters.”