Travellers face stricter rules

SINGAPORE, 29 July 2020: Vietnam lockdowns Danang after 16 new Covid-19 cases are reported and orders evacuation of all domestic tourists. More countries tighten rules for travel from high-risk countries.

Photo: Bangkok Post.


Vietnam has implemented nationwide social distancing measures in response to Covid-19. These measures may vary between provinces and change at short notice government travel advisories warn.

Local authorities have reintroduced strict quarantine measures, including mandatory health declarations following the reporting of 15 new Covid-19 cases in Danang over the weekend after more than 100 days free of infections. More than 80,000 domestic tourists are being evacuated from Danang on airline services. The popular tourist town and port located in central Vietnam is now under lockdown.


Effective 29 July, inbound travellers who visited or transited through Kazakhstan or the United States within 14 days of their arrival must provide a negative Covid-19 nucleic acid test result, valid for 72 hours of the arrival date. The result must be issued in English or Chinese by a government-recognised testing facility. Affected travellers must also show proof of a hotel reservation for a 14-day stay.


Travellers who are arriving from or have visited within the last 14 days, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia’s Victoria state, are now required to serve a 14-day quarantine period in a government-designated facility instead of their residence, due to a surge in the number of Covid-19 cases in those countries. They will also be tested before the end of their quarantine periods.


Authorities announced 26 July that all foreign nationals leaving the country must show a negative Covid-19 test certificate not older than 72 hours issued by an approved laboratory except those who stayed in Bangladesh for less than 14 days, children under 10 years old, diplomats, members of a United Nations organisation, heads of international organisations and their family members and foreign investors.


Border control measures were reintroduced 27 July for those travelling between Finland and Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland amid a rise in Covid-19 cases. Those who are going between Finland and South Korea, Georgia, Japan, Rwanda, Tunisia, Uruguay and New Zealand will be exempt. Entry will not be permitted for those arriving from Algeria or Australia from the same date.


Effective 1 August, all inbound and transit travellers must pre-book a Covid-19 PCR test in an accredited laboratory at a port of departure within 96 hours prior to arrival. Only travellers who receive a negative result will be allowed entry. Children with moderate or severe disabilities and those under the age of 12 are exempt.