Thailand extends eligible traveller list

BANGKOK, 1 July 2020: International commercial flights to and from Thailand remain restricted during July, but more travel categories open up for passengers who can book seats on so-called repatriation flights to the country.

Thailand closed its airports to all international commercial flights since 3 April limiting the kind of flights that have access to the country.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok.

Flights that have a green light
State or military aircraft;
Emergency landings;
Technical landings without disembarkation;
Humanitarian aid, medical and relief flights;
Repatriation flights;
Cargo flights.
Aircraft transporting persons able to enter the Kingdom as stipulated in Article 3. (CAAT updated the list and we added this line 2 July)*

CAAT extended the travel categories under article 3 of its announcement making more people eligible to join flights to Thailand. A daily quota of passengers allowed to travel is in place and potential travellers should contact the nearest Thai embassy to process travel approval and comply with requirements such as obtaining a certificate of entry and the appropriate visa approval.

 Passenger transport aircraft that provide international aviation services will be allowed to fly according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand but only if passengers are eligible under various categories to enter the country.

Eligible travellers effective 1 July (Article 3):

Thai nationals;
Traveller eligible under an exemption or invitation from the government  with conditions and time limits specified;
Foreign nationals who are spouses, parents or children of Thai nationals;
Foreign nationals who have a residence permit or have been granted residence in the Kingdom;
Foreign nationals who have work permits or have permission to work in Thailand including their spouse or children;
Foreign nationals who are students of a certified educational institution in Thailand along with their parents or guardians;
Foreign nationals seeking medical treatment in Thailand along with their guardians or relatives;
Foreign nationals employed by diplomatic missions, foreign government agencies or international organisations;
Foreign nationals permitted to enter the Kingdom under a special arrangement with a foreign country. (Travel bubble concept.)

*Persons fitting the above categories who enter Thailand by air on any of the approved flights as listed above must comply with the conditions, time limits and requirements of the Thai immigration law communicable diseases law, air navigation law, and the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situation, for the prevention of the spread of disease. The management of the number of persons entering Thailand will be in accordance with the capability of the competent officers or the communicable disease control officers to conduct screening and provide arrangements for isolation, quarantine and control for observation. (Added to this report 2 July.)