Domestic travel resumes in Taiwan

TAIPEI, Taiwan, 2 July 2020: A range of domestic tours ‘Pretend Vacations’ are going viral in Taiwan as a travel measures ease in the country and demand for so-called revenge outings grow.

Domestic travel gets underway in earnest this month with travel firms offering incentives to encourage Taiwanese to explore their own country.

Fueling the bookings for domestic tours is so-called “revenge outings” that are currently all the rage in Taiwan following months of restrictions on getting out and about.

Justaiwantour, a travel agency based in Taipei specialising in inbound travel, hosted a promotion during the recent Dragon Boat Festival, billed as an event to kick-start promotions to present Taiwan beauty to the world. It says it is only a matter of time before inbound travel makes a comeback as containment measures for Covid-19 have kept infections at a minimum.

Countries elsewhere in Asia that have enjoyed a similarly strong performance in curtailing the pandemic are considering travel bubbles with Taiwan that would allow two-way travel with easier control measures, possibly excluding the need for a mandatory quarantine.

This week Dream Cruises announced it would reintroduce cruises in Asia at the end of July with a Taiwan island-hopping cruise in domestic waters.

Justaiwantour, along with bloggers and Youtubers from

France, Canada, South Africa and the USA, promoted the Dragon Boat Festival and introduced new tours focusing on Taiwan’s natural beauty and attractions including hiking forest trails, visits to waterfalls and treks to scenic viewpoints in Taiwan’s mountains.

“Taiwan is a small country where every place is easily accessible, and also the beauty is right in front of you from the start of the trip,” said a Justaiwantour executive.


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