Tripadvisor launches Travel Safe tools

SINGAPORE, 25 June  2020: Tripadvisor has launched a new suite of “Travel Safe” tools to help consumers find, filter for, and validate health and safety information to feel more confident with their future travel choices across town and around the world.

Travel Safe features are available in all 49 markets where Tripadvisor operates, and more than 13,850 properties have already activated the feature set.

A recent study from Tripadvisor identified the latest consumer trends regarding future travel.

Study takeaways

More than nine out of 10 (92%) said cleanliness is the most important factor in selecting accommodations.

More than eight in 10 (84%) said cleanliness or sanitization certificates are important when booking travel experiences.

Nearly eight in 10 (79%) said it’s important to publicly display compliance to government safety standards.

How Travel Safe works
For travellers:

Health & safety checklists: Leveraging expertise from public health organizations and industry associations across the globe, hotel and restaurant owners can share safety measures directly on their Tripadvisor listing. These include sanitation procedures, mask-wearing guidelines, social distancing policies, and more.

Search filter: A new filter allows users to easily find which hotels and restaurants are taking these added safety precautions.

Traveller reviews: New review submission form prompts allow users to validate safety measures and share their experiences with other travellers.

Q&A with business owners: If users still have questions, they can directly message business owners about their safety measures (or anything else).

For business owners:

Businesses can now select safety measures they have in place at their property by accessing the checklist in their Tripadvisor management centre (for free).

The checklist also enables properties to submit a text description of the steps they are taking to protect customers, including links back to safety information on their own websites.

“As travel restrictions ease, hospitality businesses must recognize the changing expectations from consumers around safety and cleanliness,” said Tripadvisor chief commercial officer Kanika Soni. “That is why Travel Safe will be such a vital tool. It will provide consumers with the information and reassurance they need when they travel while allowing businesses to build trust by highlighting the concrete steps they are taking to keep their customers safe.”