The Maldives gets back to business

MALE, the Maldives 25 June 2020: The Maldives has confirmed lockdown restrictions will be eased starting from 29 June.

The country’s airports will open in phases from 1 July for flights bringing in tourists and also for yacht passengers and crew.

“Phase one allowed for the arrival of private jets and yachts from 1 June,” reported Asia Pacific Superyachts Maldives director, Mohamed Hameed. “There are health guidelines in place until a vaccine is available and it is important to note measures could change at any time, depending on the situation and the virus spread in the community”.

The Maldives lying Southwest of Sri Lanka and India is a popular stopover for yachts bound for either the Red Sea or en route via the Cape of Good Hope.

To attract yachting travellers fees to enter the Maldives were substantially reduced as of April. This has helped make the Maldives an even more viable stopover for yachts crossing the Indian Ocean.

“Foreign yachts in the Maldives are legally allowed cruise and charter in the Maldives after obtaining required permits and licenses”, said Hameed.

But there are guidelines for visiting foreign yachts.

• Foreign yachts are allowed a 180 day stay in the Maldives and if the yacht holds an IMO, an additional 90 days.

• The crew of the yacht is allowed 90 days per entry maximum stay. After arrival from another country and going through immigration formalities, the yacht can return and be awarded the same period again.

• There are additional formalities required each time for arrival into the Maldives that the handling agent will confirm with the yacht captain.