TCEB turns to news harvesting

BANGKOK 12 June 2020: Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau is launching its own real-time version of a news service focusing on promoting business events during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It didn’t say what’s the definition of “real-time”, but we assume it means up-to-the-minute fresh news we can all trust from an objective, independent voice.

It is calling on organisers and stakeholders in the business events industry that curate meetings, incentives, conventions, exhibitions, and mega-events such as festivals to take advantage of its latest foray into the news reaping business.

Created and managed by the  (TCEB), the website  will predictably include government insight and measures on the status of the Covid-19 infection in Thailand and worldwide, as well as online resources for organisers and visitors seeking to benefit from regular updates, knowing the information has been sanitised for public consumption by the government-funded agency.

TCEB says the website collates information in real-time from both domestic and international news feeds. Official Thai sources include the Department of Disease Control, Department of Public Relations, and Tourism Authority of Thailand. Insight and update from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) are also available.

Further updates on the impact of Covid-19 will be sourced from associations active in Thailand and overseas, such as ICCA, GBTA, ASAE, SITE, UFI, UIA, PCMA, IFEA as well as local associations, venues, airlines and leading business establishments.

The news portal serves as a resource for TCEB’s international peers seeking insight into the response of Thailand’s business events industry, with situation update.

TCEB hopes that by publishing relevant statistics and news, government announcements and the responses of both local and international organisations, the bureau can aid them in their response to the crisis, and also keep connecting among the business events professionals and visitors worldwide.

The announcement did not say if the new service will be in just Thai or will also offer news in English and Chinese languages.