backs safe travel initiative

SHANGHAI, 15 May 14, 2020:  Online travel services provider, Group announced, Thursday, its lead role in overseeing the implementation of safe travel protocols created by the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the travel industry, the “Safe Travels” protocol, announced by the WTTC, earlier this week, aims to rebuild confidence among consumers by bringing together industry leaders and partners to implement the best available guidelines on health and safety.

The standards, based on advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO), US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other public health authorities, will enable the industry to standardise practices across the board, and give consumers the necessary assurance to travel safely and at ease when it becomes practical to do so.

“For our partners and us, the safety of travellers is always our top priority. At this defining moment for the travel industry, we welcome this important initiative from WTTC, bringing together partners in the sector to give travellers the assurance they need,” said Group CEO and vice-chair of the WTTC, Jane Sun.

Implementation of the WTTC standards is the latest move in a series of initiatives by to deliver assurance and safety to users, and support to partners.

Throughout the pandemic, the company led an industry initiative which provided refunds and flexibility for affected travellers through its Safeguard Cancellation Guarantee. In addition to facilitating generous cancellation provisions, Group has allocated significant funds to support its partners in industry revival efforts and developed various tools to help inform safe travel decisions for customers, such as the Covid-19 International Traveller’s Guide, which provides timely updates on restrictions, outbreaks, cancellation policies, and other relevant information to prospective travellers.