MTCO seeks crowdsourcing ventures

BANGKOK, 28 May 2020: The Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office, Destination Mekong, and the Mekong Institute are partnering a new initiative that will raise crowdsourcing for new innovations born out of Covid-19 crisis.

The targeted projects to win support should originate in the Greater Mekong Subregion (Yunnan and Guangxi in PR China, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam).

The potential projects could come from governments, large companies, small businesses, startups, individuals, or partnerships.

Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office executive director, Jens Thraenhart said the goal of the Mekong initiative was to instil consumer confidence and attract foreign investment to the Mekong Region. 

“We can expect interesting innovations to come out of this pandemic, that may even lead to new ventures and successful companies, as we have witnessed from a past crisis, such as SARS and the 2008 financial crisis.”

“While COVID-19 threatens the global community, it is also channelling creativity in coping with this pandemic disruption,” said Mekong Institute Executive Director Dr Watcharas Leelawath. He emphasized how this crisis can serve as a catalyst in sparking innovation and investment in the region.

“MI and MTCO aim to surface innovative practices and solutions from agriculture, health, education, tourism, environment, trade and logistics that are generating benefits and opportunities,” he added.

People are invited to share their spotted innovations on

The most inspiring innovations will be featured on the website, newsletters, and social media channels of MTCO and MI. It also plans to publish a Mekong Stories book to showcase the people behind the innovations and innovators.