Genting ships accommodate workers

SINGAPORE, 4 May 2020: Genting Cruise Lines ships will be used to house foreign workers who reside in Singapore and have recovered from Covid.19.

Following checks by the Singapore government, Genting’s SuperStar Gemini and SuperStar Aquarius cruise ships are now cleared to take migrant workers for a post-Covid quarantine.

Singapore Tourism Board presenting “Perk-Me-Up” care packs
with vitamins and local snacks as a thank you gesture towards the crew
members of SuperStar Gemini and SuperStar Aquarius.

“Singapore has been our homeport for over 26 years, and we are proud to extend our support with SuperStar Gemini, as well as SuperStar Aquarius that had recently arrived in Singapore,” said  Genting Cruise Lines president of Dream Cruises and head of International Sales Michael Goh.

The evaluation showed that Genting Cruise Lines’ ship could deliver 100% external fresh air that was filtered and supplied to the cabins and onboard public areas, eliminating the need to recirculate air within the ship.

As Genting Cruise Lines commences this initiative with the Singapore government, the health and safety of all individuals on board the ships remain the top priority, Goh explained.