Dubai Expo settles on October 2021 date

DUBAI, 25 May 2020: Dubai Expo has now moved the opening day by a year to 1 October 2021 according to a statement by the expo owners.

Blaming the cancellation on the Covid-19 pandemic,  the Dubai Expo organisers had earlier hoped to salvage the six-month-long event with a revised opening date in April 2021.

But the spread of Covid-19 worldwide is now threatening events scheduled for this autumn through to early 2021 as medical experts in Europe warn of a possible a prolonged wait for a vaccine as well as health-related restrictions curtailing large gatherings. Events in early 2021 that we thought were safe could now be in the firing line. The unthinkable may take shape. Is it beyond the realms of possibility that ITB Berlin could be axed for the second year in a row?

Adopting the safest option to minimalise the risks of further postponements, the organisers of the Dubai Expo have now settled for the timeframe 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.