Centara launches ‘Spa Candy’ for kids

BANGKOK, Thailand, 19 May 2020: Centara Hotels & Resorts will launch a dedicated kids spa inspired by the legendary tale of the adventures of young Charlie Bucket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

As children will be able to tell their parents only too well, the story is of how Charlie wins a ticket to enter the fantastical Chocolate Factory built by the eccentric but brilliant chocolatier Willy Wonka. The magical world inside the factory as depicted in the book is the inspiration behind Spa Candy, an other-worldly concept set to delight children who can enter a destination designed for them.

The experience is an elaborate playground catering specifically to children 15 years and under and will offer candy-themed spa treatments.

“Centara is renowned for creating memorable experiences for families and children. The result is Spa Candy, a concept that is as colourful as it is creative in crafting new adventures for children, somewhere they can go and be excited,” said Centara Hotels & Resorts corporate director of spa operations Tara Hanrahan.

Spa Candy features the following:

Rainbow Wall which will be filled with shelves upon shelves of colourful sweets in a bright and spacious hallway with furniture resembling oversized candies;

Candy Hall will accommodate up to 10 children and where they can mix their bath bombs and scrubs.

Three individually themed treatment rooms will feature a Cake Room, a Chocolate Room, and a Lollipop Room.

Operated by SPA Cenvaree, the first Spa Candy will open in 2021 at Centara Mirage Beach Resort in Dubai.

Find out more about Centara at www.CentaraHotelsResorts.com