THAI’s last flight from Phuket

PHUKET, 3 April 2020: Thai Airways International staff waved off TG’s last flight from this southern island’s airport just days before the airport goes into lockdown 10 to 30 April.

During a year that marks 60 years of flying, the airline’s birthday will pass with the THAI fleet hibernating at its home-base Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Even though the airline is planning to return to the skies 31 May, nothing is certain until the world declares victory over the contagious Covid-19 disease.

The airline’s acting president, Chakkrit Parapanthukul, said in late March that the sharp reduction in passengers due to the Covid-19 crisis caused the airline’s losses to spiral out of control. Staff are now taking two months off with cuts in pay of up to 50%.

In the meantime, the airline’s board will have to revisit its restructuring plan, consider extensive fleet rationalisation to reduce aircraft types and possibly make permanent staff cuts if it is to survive long-term.

Passengers booked on flights from 1 April to 31 May can convert their tickets to one-year-valid travel vouchers without a fee and surcharges. Visit


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