Thailand may extend visas to June

BANGKOK, 1 April 2020: Thailand’s Immigration Bureau has asked the Cabinet to approve extending visas until 30 June for visitors who are stranded in the country following the disruption of international flights.

According to a report on, the Immigration Bureau has proposed that foreigners who have had their travel plans disrupted by Covid-19 be given a visa extension to 30 June 2020.

If approved, it will give the Immigration Bureau an opportunity to adopt a humane response to the global crisis that has seen up to a million travellers stranded worldwide after airlines abruptly cancelled services due to travel restrictions.

Currently, the Immigration Bureau gives tourists, who are unable to fly back to their home countries or to another destination, a 30-day extension of stay, providing they can provide a ‘visa extension letter’ from their embassy, reported.

But the bureaus almost under siege by foreigners seeking a visa extension. The long queues, congestion and lack of social distances create a health risk for both immigration staff and visitors. 

Other travel restrictions

The Nepalese authorities have extended the ban on all international flights due to expire 1 April, to 15 April.

All returning long-term residents must acquire entry approval from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) prior to making travel plans, starting from 23:59 local time (15:59 GMT), as part of efforts to contain the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Those who are granted entry will be required to present a health status declaration and undergo a 14-day self-quarantine period.

South Korea
All arriving travellers, regardless of nationality, will be subject to a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine, starting 1 April. Those without an address in the country will be quarantined in a government facility at their own expense.

Sri Lanka
The Civil Aviation Authority has extended a ban on all international inbound flights until 2359 local time, 7 April.


  1. Is there anymore information on this. My 30 day visa which has been extended once expires on 24th April.
    I have bought and paid for two flights to get back to the U.K., both have subsequently been cancelled and the airlines have still not refunded in either case.
    Automatic extension to June 30 would be a massive relief.

    • The Thai cabinet approved a measure at its 21 April meeting to extend the permission to stay until 31 July for all visa types and this includes not having to do the 90-day reporting. It extends your visa automatically to 31 July. It will be passed into law any day now and announced in the Royal Gazette. The provision reduces the need for visits to the Immigration Bureau during the current crisis.

  2. Is there an update on this, I’ve yet to find this information from a credible source.

  3. If this is your fist time, you don’t need a letter typically. For 2nd 30 day extension, you will need an embassy letter

    • I think there is merit in just giving an automatic extension up to the end of May or June for visitors who are stranded due to circumstances beyond their control such as airlines cancelling flights etc at short notice. Quick and easy to obtain. It would cut paperwork, prevent exposure to the virus for both visitors and staff at the bureau and send a positive message that Thailand does indeed appreciate tourists. Right now the messages are mixed.

  4. “….providing they can provide a ‘visa extension letter’ from their embassy.” Not true. I just extended my visa in Pattaya for 30 days and No Letter was required.

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