Booze free until 30 April

BANGKOK, 22 August 2020: Thailand’s entertainment scene remains in lockdown until at least 30 April after the government extended the ban on alcohol sales for another 10 days.

Even though Covid-19 cases reached 2,792 on Monday, the increase in cases dropped to 27 with the death toll remaining at 47 for two days in a row. On Tuesday the new cases dropped to 19 and fatalities increased by one to 48. Now there is hope that Thailand will contain Covid-19 to just single-digit new cases soon.

Officials believe the ban on alcohol sales supports the social distancing campaign along with the nightly curfew 2000 to 0400 and along with wearing masks have proved their worth in slowing the infection rate.

 According to local media reports, Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health is considering easing some measures after 30 April. However, there are concerns that it could be too early considering that some countries such as Japan and Singapore suffered a second wave after having reduced daily infections to single digits.

Most of Thailand’s cases are in Bangkok, surrounding provinces and tourist destinations such as Phuket where travel is restricted between districts on the island. The densest infection clusters are concentrated around Patong Bay’s ‘Soi Bangla’ nightlife district that prompted officials to introduce the strictest lockdown measures virtually isolating the bay from adjacent districts.

In Bangkok, the public health ministry said that some measures might be relaxed first in 36 provinces where no cases have been reported during the last two weeks. This would include re-opening markets and malls next month, but not entertainment venues that remain at the bottom of the pecking order.

It possible that in provinces that remain clear of Covid-19, restaurants might open in May if they can assure health authorities they can provide adequate social distancing within the premises.


  1. Ban on alcohol sales extended to 30 April was for Bangkok, not Thailand. Provincial governors have been setting/changing booze ban dates.

    • I wish it was just Bangkok. I am living in Chiang Rai and down to my last four bottles of booze and not a spot or shop where I can replenish my stock. The same applies to Phuket dry as a bone. But there are always exceptions — provinces that have a governor who likes a tipple?

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