AOT cuts fees to assist airlines

BANGKOK, 28 April 2020: Airports of Thailand has rolled out more concessions including cuts to office rentals to support airlines during the Covid-19 crisis

For airlines that have temporarily closed all operations, AOT will exempt them from property rental fees, terminal and building service charges and fixed monthly concession charges for nine months, from 1 April to 31 December 2020. If they resume services during the period the concession ends.

For airlines that continue to operate, AOT is offering a 50% reduction in office and state property rents for the same nine-month period.

For airlines that suspend operations or an airport under AOT’s supervision is temporarily closed, AOT will exempt parking charges for the same nine-month period.

 It is also reducing landing fees and parking fees by 50% for airlines that are still operating domestic or international routes during the nine months.